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Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Pilates Products

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Before starting your Pilates journey, there are a few products we encourage you to purchase one of which is a Pilates/yoga mat. There are other products you can buy but please note Small props are not essential to a workout, but they do make things that little bit more fun. They also can be added to challenge and vary your mat sessions whilst at home or travelling abroad. You will find me using them in my videos, which, used frequently aim to give inspiration as well as challenging your body and making it stronger.

Pilates/Yoga mat

This is all you need to get you started. Make sure it’s padded enough to support the spine from bruising on a hard floor and not so thick that you don’t feel balanced. We find this one just right, best of all it’s eco friendly as it’s biodegradable!

Resistance bands

These not part of the original small apparatus Joe created, but worth packing for short trips away to help with stretching, strengthening and focusing on specific areas of the body. Different resistance options.

Sliding discs

Intensify your fitness regime and take your fitness level a notch higher with these non-slip core conditioning gliders, which make you respond to de-stabilising forces with concentrated muscle control, for increased flexibility and range of motion. 

Non-slip socks

Performing Pilates in bare feet is fine but if you wish to wear something on your feet we recommend non-slip Pilates socks. 

Fit ball  (Prenatal recommendation)

The Pilates fit ball is underestimated and is a perfect prop to use during your pregnancy and even labour! Make sure you buy a ball that is anti-burst and usually 55-65cm width is recommended. 

Magic Circle

Also known as the "ring of fire"! This product provides feedback and challenges / deepens the work during exercises. A never-ending opportunity to challenge the body through numerous exercises

Small Pilates ball 

Our favourite prop in Pilates, it bring a different dynamic edge to the class and we LOVE it! This is not part of the original small apparatus Joe created, but can be used to vary and challenge the abs, glutes and legs.

Free hand-weights 

Free weights are great to help tone the arms, back and shoulders or add a bit of a challenge to ab exercises. We recommend between 1-3 kg but you can choose whats best for you. 

Foam Roller 

This is useful for massaging out tight muscles and challenging the core stability (go for the 65cm length to give you the option of placing your entire back along it).

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