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Get Acquainted with Pilates

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Before you begin Pilates, it's important to have an understanding of the beginnings of Pilates, how and why it started and it's purpose. We'll look at the history of Joseph Pilates, the main principles and the variations of Pilates teachings.

Although we believe that pilates can be performed in face to face classes, you can also comfortably perform classes at home. Part of Pilates is understanding your body and how it works. Take time to read about your body's structure and how it is utilised in the exercises. Your pelvis, spine, lungs and muscle are all integral to every movement, so understand their function to help you become stronger and leaner.

The Power House

It is important to know about your "core" and why this is needs to be stabilised and acknowledged before embarking on an exercise. It is equally important to learn how to "activate your pelvic floor" - see our video where Faye introduces you to this.

Learning how to breathe in Pilates can be difficult. This is the basis of all Pilates movements, without which you'll find that you'll tire easily and your movements won't flow. As you will discover, learning how to breathe the Pilates way, will enable you to perform the exercises correctly as well as to hold certain moves for longer, which allows your muscles to stretch and relax.

The challenge

Ideally, you should incorporate Pilates into your everyday routine. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, there is several moves you can perform which will set you up for the day or night. Try our express classes to help you prepare for and to undo stresses and strain of the day. For beginners, try introducing the Daily Maintenance sequence into your regular fitness routine (see express classes).

Starting off something new is not easy, but you here so give it a go!

Make sure you have the correct equipment and space at home / work / or where you are practicing to perform the exercises correctly. If you prefer, put some music on (something with regular beats to help with breathing). When I taught face to face classes, I loved to burn essential oils (grapefruit in the morning to help motivate you, or lavender in the evening to relax you). This can set the mood at home.

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