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3 tips for creating healthy habits this New Year

Enjoy 2022 YOUR way!

The start of a New Year signals a time for change, reflection and a sense of ‘starting afresh’. While this can bring a sense of inspiration and motivation, you may also feel pressure from the media, society or others in your life to come up with a range of goal-setting resolutions and embark on a healthy lifestyle. You may find the messaging is directed towards changing your diet or fitness routine, and similar pressures can also be put on our career, social life and more. However, it isn’t necessary to treat the New Year as a time for huge change and completely overhaul your life. We want to encourage a balanced, positive and empowering approach to New Year resolutions, while offering a reminder that you can create resolutions any time of year. Read below for our tips on creating healthy habits this coming New Year, with a focus on putting your wellbeing first. 1. There’s no need to achieve everything in January Try not to let pressure overwhelm you at the start of the year – you have a full 12 months to set and achieve goals, and there is no need to rush yourself in the first few weeks. The first month of the year doesn’t need to be full of new challenges and ticking things off a list – it can be just as productive to spend time reflecting and journaling to get you set up for the year. There is an overwhelming amount of messaging around ‘new starts’ in January, which can create unnecessary pressure – a new start will mean different things to different people, so take some time to consider what’s most meaningful to you. Try to focus on a realistic timeline for your plans and work towards what you feel is achievable for you.

2. Go at your own pace While a new year approaches, this doesn’t mean you need to make new ambitions or goals - it’s your choice when you feel ready to review, reflect and plan, in your own time. It can be difficult to remember this when you are reminded of others sharing achievements and setting goals on social media platforms; again, this comes down to personal choice. Consider bringing existing routines that work for you into the New Year that will help you continue to grow and progress, rather than setting newer, bigger goals. A kind way to start is by practising gratitude. Take some time to note the things you are grateful for – this will help reaffirm your purpose and direction and ultimately, help you start the New Year in a way that’s right for you.

3. Stay positive by making realistic plans At the start of a new year, there can be pressure to think up big plans and set high expectations. However, planning realistic and achievable goals can feel more rewarding in the long run. Setting realistic expectations will not only help you to manage expectations, but can also help you to stay motivated and on track, nurturing a proactive mindset. Whether these are work-related or personal goals, starting small or breaking down larger goals can enable you to feel more empowered on your journey.

Take each day as it comes While the New Year for many of us is seen as an opportunity for new beginnings, remember, every new day can be treated as a fresh start. Try to lessen the pressure on yourself, and we hope that our tips can support you in prioritising your wellbeing first and foremost. This enables you to not only be at your best for yourself, but also for your work and others around you, which is especially important during these uncertain times we all continue to navigate.

Take care, be kind to yourself, and take each day as it comes.

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